What we do

Greenfield Development 

Greenfield development is the heart of Korsail’s business.

We work with landowners, municipalities and utilities to develop projects that provide communities with low-cost, reliable, carbon-free energy. Whether through PPA’s with energy providers or whole-sale power agreements, we leverage our insider knowledge of power markets to create the most cost-efficient projects on the market.

Behind the Meter Projects

Korsail also develops projects on behalf of corporate customers. While commonly done onsite, we have the flexibility to provide your company with remote renewable power via

  • Virtual PPAs contracted directly with our Utility Partners
  • Renewable Energy Credits
  • Tax Equity Investments

Partnerships with Developers

If you’re a renewable energy developer looking to buy or sell a project in any phase of the development process, we would love the opportunity to connect. We are:

  • Well-capitalized
  • A end to end developer
  • Aggressive expanding our portfolio
  • Able to provide the capital and expertise you need to get your projects across the finish line

About Us

Korsail Energy was founded by a group of solar finance and development experts with a combined 500+MW of development, funding and M&A experience. Based in Denver Colorado, we develop solar and storage projects from coast to coast. We created Korsail to leverage our unique combination of skills and create a top down, offtake-focused development company with the reach and funding to bring projects to fruition. We are private equity backed, well capitalized and actively looking to develop projects across the country. Contact us to get started on your project today.

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