Herard Solar Project

Las Animas County, Colorado

Project Overview

Korsail Energy is proposing to develop a solar facility coupled with a battery storage project in Las Animas County, Colorado. The facility will contribute to the future of energy independence, generating clean and affordable electricity for customers. Development and construction will boost the local economy through new tax revenue and jobs, all while minimizing impact on existing agricultural land.


150 Megawatt (MW) solar facility

and 30 MW storage project


600 acres of land in Las Animas County


Enough energy to power 30,000 homes annually

Project Area


Project Facts


Point of Interconnection


Land Use


Project Lifespan


Job Creation

Project Schedule and Milestones


Community Engagement

Korsail Energy is committed to connecting with the Las Animas County community in a positive and long-lasting way. We understand the importance of engaging with local partners and members of the community as we work to create benefits that uplift all.

Throughout the lifespan of the project, we collaborate with leaders from government, education, and the community, along with residents and landowners to ensure no perspective is left out.

Together with stakeholders, we will continuously identify opportunities to engage with the community as we work together to create energy independence.

A worker installing solar panels on the roof.

Who We Are

Korsail Energy develops innovative, community oriented renewable energy projects from start to finish. Korsail relies on deep industry knowledge and experience to create best in class projects and provide carbon-free energy to rural communities across the country.

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