What makes your property a good candidate for solar?
We look for flat, dry properties from 50-1000 acres within close proximity to electrical infrastructure. Typically, this means your property is within a mile of transmission lines, electrical substations, or three phase power lines.
What is a lease/purchase option?
These projects take between one and three years to complete the design work, permitting, and electrical interconnection studies. In order to accomplish this, we need to have your lease or purchase contract in place. The option period allows us to complete this work and be sure we can use your property to build the project once it’s ready.
Will I get paid during the option period?
Yes. We will pay you a negotiated cash payment upon signing the option, as well as annual payments while we complete the development work.
Can I still farm/use my land during the option period?
Yes. We will occasionally need access to perform surveys and studies on the land but will not impact your use in any way until construction starts.
How long is the lease term?
A standard lease is 25 years with several 5-year extension periods; however, we can be flexible in negotiating the extension periods.
What happens to the land once the lease is over? What happens if Korsail goes out of business?

Korsail creates comprehensive decommissioning plans for all of our projects and ensures sufficient money is in place to remove the plant and return the land to its original condition. Once the plant is ready to be retired at the end of the lease term, or in the very unlikely event Korsail becomes financially insolvent, the plan will be enacted and cover 100% of the costs of removing the plant and restoring vegetation.

Who maintains the lease area?

Korsail maintains 100% of the lease area including mowing and maintaining vegetation and upkeep on the facility and fencing.

Who pays the real estate taxes?

Korsail will pay 100% of the property taxes on the lease area and the addition of the plant will not increase taxes on any property you keep.

What kind of noise, glare or other disruptions can I expect from the plant?
These plants produce no noise, very minimal glare and only require a few security lights around the transformer pads at night. There are no onsite personal required to operate the plant, and we will only be onsite monthly or quarterly for maintenance.
Can I terminate the lease or purchase option if I change my mind?
No, these options are binding contracts. We invest a significant amount of time and money in these projects during the option period and require the security of knowing the land will be there when we’re ready to start construction.
What if I don’t own my mineral rights, or I have an active oil and gas lease?
No problem. We are experienced in dealing with corporate and individual mineral owners and can build projects on current or future drill sites.

About Us

Korsail Energy was founded by a group of solar finance and development experts with a combined 500+MW of development, funding and M&A experience. Based in Denver Colorado, we develop solar and storage projects from coast to coast. We created Korsail to leverage our unique combination of skills and create a top down, offtake-focused development company with the reach and funding to bring projects to fruition. We are private equity backed, well capitalized and actively looking to develop projects across the country. Contact us to get started on your project today.

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