What We Look For

1. Properties between 50 and 1000 acres, with a typical project being 100-200 acres.

2. Flat, dry land with easy access for large machinery

3. Properties within a mile of transmission lines and electrical substations, or on streets with three-phase power lines

Whether we ultimately lease or purchase a property the commission structure remains the same.

Korsail pays the standard 3% commission for purchases and will pay 3% of the fair market value for a property we lease. We will also pay an additional, pre-negotiated fee when an option is signed regardless of whether or not we transact on the property.

We want to work with the best local brokers in every market we enter, and we’re willing to pay for the privilege.

Korsail will sign localized exclusive listing agreements with our partners and can provide a large volume and a steady stream of business. We want to take advantage of the local knowledge and relationships that have made you successful, while simultaneously adding another tool to your toolbelt with landowners who are not ready to sell.

About Us

Korsail Energy was founded by a group of solar finance and development experts with a combined 500+MW of development, funding and M&A experience. Based in Denver Colorado, we develop solar and storage projects from coast to coast. We created Korsail to leverage our unique combination of skills and create a top down, offtake-focused development company with the reach and funding to bring projects to fruition. We are private equity backed, well capitalized and actively looking to develop projects across the country. Contact us to get started on your project today.

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